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For more than 80 years, Texas Instruments has used increasingly complex signal-processing technology – with advances ranging from the incremental to the revolutionary – to literally and repeatedly change the world.
Video Advertising Campaigns Solutions
ChannelLive.TV brings you Live Tamil TV Channels, Telugu TV Channels, Kannada TV Channels, Malayalam TV Channels directly on to your TV without any satellite dish.
Konnectcorp International Inc., is a young innovative media entertainment company all set to mobilizeand deliver premium south Indian content like films, TV programs and events to millions of subscribers worldwide.
Proof of Concept – Complete UI work with AngularJS.
Sensegon is a pioneering technology company that specializes in persona-based targeting of social network ad campaigns.
BCE is a European leader in technical services in the areas of television, radio, production and postproduction, telecommunication and IT.
Open Source Video Platform.
UNIV creates unique and unequalled viewing experiences for consumers by providing innovative customized managed solutions that content providers can leverage using highly profitable business models.
  • Leon is a knowledgeable developer, experienced with multiple WEB technologies and capable of leading development projects from start to end.

    Roi Zemmer – VP R&D at iMesh
  • The Kaltura Professional Services and Product teams work closely with Panda-OS, on various strategic projects. The delivery quality, flexibility to our needs, and ongoing support are tremendous, and they contribute directly to the delivery success of Kaltura projects. Leon and Roni are real professionals… Thank you Panda-OS team for being such great partners to us!

    Yehiam Shinder Senior Director, Head Of Technology Services, Kaltura
  • Leon and Roni are both very professional developers. We used PandaOS services during 2.5 month duration project of complex and very intensive HTML5 development and i can highly recommend exceptionally skilled and hard working team of Leon and Roni. They being critical contributor to success of our project.

    Oleg Kaplan, Head of OSS Packs and Solutions Business Unit at Amdocs
  • Thanks everyone for such a great job on this project. Live Streaming, HDS and HLS are working well on ios and android with an embed code from the KMC control panel. This was a very difficult task and I really appreciate how everyone hung in there and found a way to make it work. I am really excited about how it is working. The work is definitely worth it. The system is great. Thanks again.

    Chris Jukes, Founder Face to Face – Faith to Faith / Jesus Stream

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Implementing a Zeroconf service for your home automation Android app

The concept of Home Automation has been around for years. From sprinkler systems that run on their own schedule to lights and windows operated by voice commands, people have always been inventing ways to make our lives easier and our home more “automatic”. Now that smartphones are serving us in countless ways, it’s obvious that they will eventually take part in helping us control our homes as well. Zeroconf is a set of technologies dedicated to easily creating TCP/IP networks from interconnected devices, without having to call your computer genius brother-in-law to help you set it up. I am going to show you how you can use your Android device to discover and gather data from services and devices within your home network, by implementing a Zeroconf service with no more than a few lines of code. From there, the things you can do will be limited only by your imagination… Why Do I Want a Zeroconf service? Say you have a printer, and you want to print a pdf file that…

How to Build and run the Flash portion of Kaltura KMC

Kaltura has a management console called KMC to manage content under a given publisher. It contains a significant portion written in Flash and in order to make changes or debug issues with it, compilation is needed. I have compiled it in order to add Korean localization support, required by one of our customers. This has been done using Flash Builder 4.7 on Mac OS X. Now we will start the Kaltura KMC build itself 1. Clone the Kaltura KMC git branch from our repository: (Currently the patches that make the process like in this post are in review and are not merged upstream). 2. Create a new workspace in Flash Builder in the directory in which you cloned the branch. 3. Download and add Flash SDK 3.5 to your flash builder. 4. Download hamcrest for as3 version 1.1.3 and extract it to the /libs directory in your workspace. 5. Import the projects in the following order: 1. as3FlexClient (SDK 3.5) 2. KvMC (SDK 3.5) 3. AutoComplete (SDK 3.5) 4. Cairngorm (SDK 3.5,…

Basic FFmpeg commands

is a command line tool that able to convert pretty much any video format available. you can use FFmpeg in endless ways. in this post we will review on the more basic FFmpeg commands.