Bamboo OVP

"Bamboo Video Platform" is a flexible cloud-based online video portal. Bamboo is quick, light, flexible, and modular.

With Bamboo you can launch your own OTT Subscription or Pay-per-view video portal quickly and easily. 

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Bamboo Live!

"Bamboo live" is a complete Live Video solution for broadcasters and content providers.

"Bamboo Live" includes Live Channel Management, Content Management, Dynamic Ad Stitching, and EPG Scheduling.

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Bamboo includes "Bamboo Mobile" - a fully featured Mobile Suite for iOS, Android, Smart TVs, Apple TV, Roku, and more...

The "Bamboo Video Platform" can be easily extended and customized based on your personal preferences.

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The Bamboo Video Platform

Strong, Light, Flexible 

Content Management - Linear TV Channels - HTML5 Video - Video Analytics

Cross Platform HTML5 Video Player

Deliver Video Ads and Content across all Mobile and Desktop devices

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News, Updates, and Blog Posts

Reduce your operational expense using SaaS

By Roni Cohen | December 24, 2015

The Bamboo SaaS solution will allow you to focus on your business, and will simplify all of your technology needs, while reducing your operational expense dramatically.

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PayPal Payment Service Integration Tutorial

By Roni Cohen | November 24, 2015

Paypal is one of the best payment service solutions for websites. Using Paypal, one can easily integrate a fast and secure payment system in any website. In this blog i will explain about the Paypal API, I will review the major methods for Paypal integration, and go over some useful configs for our Paypal payment service.

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Working with MongoIds and auto-incrementing ids in MongoDB

By Roni Cohen | November 23, 2015

How to work with both MongoIds and auto-incrementing ids in MongoDb in your PHP application?

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