BBpress analytics adventures (WordPress)

BBPress Analytics was developed in the last 2 months or so,  as i’ve been crunching, debugging and developing on top of BBPress 2.0 and it has been an amazing ride.

To start with BBPress is a WordPress plugin, once installed takes your WordPress from a blogging management system to a robust forum system with all the basic features needed for a forum and tons of room for your imagination and features.
To see some examples on BBPress check the on{X} forum I’ve been working on or check BBPress showcases.

Forum landing page

BBPress uses the same hook methodology like WordPress and even uses the same  DB tables like wp_posts to create your topics and replies.

So after we added all the features, changed the theme, added all sort of custom UI and functionality it was time for me to deep dive into BBPress, the question was how to get analytics on BBPress?

Luckily it wasn’t hard at all, all I’ve done is created a new dashboard plugin with some DB queries and cute tables and now I’ve got a plugin for BBPress analytics, you can read more about that here.
BBPress analytics

Some of the extra features on top of BBPress forum:

  • Voting on topics.
  • Subscribing to topics via Email and RSS.
  • User badges for all users, experts and team member
  • Custom landing page
  • Custom editor with code highlight
  • Analytics plugin
  • Many Many more…

Topic landing page

So all in all I got the chance to work on a great project, with great people and on top of two great technologies: WordPress and BBPress.

If you got a question on BBPress, WordPress or anything on your mind, just leave a comment bellow and good things will happen by themselves.