Appcelerator Titanium – Mobile Platform Introduction

We love apps, but we don’t like to write the same code twice and maintain two different applications for iPhone and Android.
That’s where Titanium platform shines.

You get most of the benefits of native code and native apps like native UI controllers, great performance for almost every app and faster development time, code reuse and plenty of available plugins and tools under their marketplace and Github.

Titanium studio image

Titanium studio

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Merry Christmas from PandaOS

Streaming Anywhere & Anytime

Merry Christmas & A Prosperous New Year!

2013 was an amazing year for us, as we are sure it was for you too. We established fruitful and long-term relationships with new clients and partners. We increased our workforce with new staff members, and we are excited about the new year to come. Your contribution made it all happen and we thank you for that.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy, Prosperous, New 2014 Year. We hope you enjoy the festive season with your family and friends. As a tribute, in order to help you get a dose of the Christmas Spirit, and get you into the festive mood – We at PandaOS, designed this video Gallery for you to Enjoy.

Warm wishes and happy holidays!
Roni and Leon,
Founders, Panda O.S. Ltd.


Drupal Enhancements – Sell Content

Many of you out there probably tried to create custom actions for your Drupal site.
The reason behind that, was probably because you want to enhance your Drupal functionality so it will fit your new module requirements.

Within this blog post I’ll show a quick and easy way for adding new “api action” for your module to sale content.
This tutorial applicable for any “API” you want to create between your site and the world outside.

This tutorial includes:
1. Handling files on remote ftp.
2. Processing the content.
3. Sending approval email.
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Streaming video protocols

When you establish your own hosting video platform, you need to consider the types of the protocols that you will support. All major Media server companies offer a variety of solutions. You most probably will have to offer most of these solutions, depending on your customers’ needs.
This post explains the main protocol methods available and their advantages and disadvantages.
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Fixing Drupal Commons admin menu

We are using Drupal commons-3.3 for a project. The commons project by Acquia provides a distribution of Drupal with many social features out of the box, as well as a responsive, mobile ready theme based on Adaptive Theme. This is the latest version of the commons project and includes many functionality such as groups, user profiles and events.
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The Panda Kaltura AWS Cluster – S3 and Cloudfront

In the previous posts we have discussed the various Amazon AWS services and how we use them for operating Kaltura CE clusters. In this post, we will discuss the last part of our cluster: the video storage and streaming. A Kaltura deployment usually stores the videos locally on the file system. While this is good for small installations, sometimes you want the flexibility and durability of a remote storage.
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WordPress plugin considerations

There is an enormous quantity of documentation and guides regarding WordPress and the “best way” for “creating and styling your WordPress plugin“, some of them provide an appropriate answer, but most of them have the wrong approach.
Within this blog post I’ll describe several considerations before even starting your WordPress plugin, so it will become more efficient and adaptable for changes.
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