Kaltura CE6 (Falcon) – Pros & Cons

Kaltura CE6 is the latest official release from Kaltura of her crown jewel, Kaltura online video platform.

The new CE6 has some new features like user level ownership on entries and videos, AKA entitlement, but this comes with a price.

Kaltura CE6 should be somewhat slower then previous versions, in CE6 the coupling between Kaltura and Sphinx search engine is stronger and the installation process went some major changes.

In my opinion CE6 is not the best version Kaltura has ever released, and CE5 has so much more knowledge going around and more success stories to benchmark on.

It might be best to wait for CE7 and the release of Gemini to the community.

Here I’ll share some pros and cons while fighting a CE6 setup and maintenance:


  • Configurations centralisation – Almost all configurations can be found in /opt/kaltura/app/configurations which gives much more centralised control and also makes you aware of how many parts there are to this system.
  • Better Admin console – The “new” admin console is clearer, has more features and really helps the admin to maintain and query his server.
  • More up to date – CE6 admins might be able to use custom KMC and maybe even take updates from Kaltura some day, also should be fairly easily upgraded to Gemini.
  • User ownership over content – usually not needed but a nice addition overall.


  • Missing knowledge and unknown behaviours – as any software, the longer it’s out the more fixes there are.
  • Installation – installation in Kaltura was never a pleasure and CE6 continues to be one of the hardest to install currently.
  • Bugs and issues – The version is filled with bugs and issues. I’m not sure if it was my bad installation process or the version.
    For example: login with a non admin user to the KMC gives an error which I had to fix manually, you can read more about it here.
  • Kaltura Data Warehouse – analytics – not working out of the box.

All in all it seems that for the small to medium size solutions, most use cases don’t need entitlement, which makes investing in a CE6 something to consider.

Personally, I’m still leaning towards CE5 but really anxious to see the new Kaltura CE7, when it will be released and what great features and enhancements it will introduce.