Kaltura CE6 KMC permissions fix

In this post you can find a quick fix to a nasty problem regarding Kaltura CE6 KMC.

Apparently some CE6 installations are missing the KMC access role for all user types other then admin.

In order to solve those run this short SQL line in your kaltura database and you’re good to go.

insert into permission_to_permission_item values (null, 87, 839, null, null);

Also whenever you change role and permissions you should clear the cache using:

rm -rf /opt/kaltura/app/cache/

and clear the APC cache using the admin console:

  1. Log in to admin console using admin credentials.
  2. Go to ‘Developer’ -> APC tab.
  3. If it is not running you’re good to go, else try to clean all data stored on APC, (user values as well).
  4. If you can’t clear the APC is should be expired in several hours.
That’s it for this small fix,hope you like it.