Adding New KDP Versions to Kaltura CE5

This article is about adding new versions of the kaltura dynamic player – KDP, as well as upgrading them.

The Kaltura Dynamic Player (KDP) is an open source flash video player Provided by Kaltura. The players provided with Kaltura CE5 are over a year old (version 3.5.35), so upgrading them can solve a lot of bugs.

You can read more about the KDP here

We also wrote about upgrading the Kaltura HTML5 player.

Getting the player code

The KDP can be found at Select the version which you want to use (current is 3.8) and download it.

Installing the player

Copy the directory into /opt/kaltura/app/app/web/flash/kdp3/v3.8. The new player version is now installed. You can now upgrade the default players that are installed with Kaltura CE5 (usually not needed) or continue to the verification step.

Deploying players

When Kaltura CE5 is installed, the players found in the KMC configurations file are created (deployed). If you wish to update or add players, you have to update the configuration file and run the deploy script.

Edit the KMC settings file found in /opt/kaltura/app/app/web/flash/kmc/v4.2.14.9/config.ini. Replace the version number in the widgets.kdpX.version lines as shown below:

widgets.kdp1.usage = previewembed
widgets.kdp1.identifier = PreviewembedDarkUIConfID = KDP3 Dark skin
widgets.kdp1.version = v3.8
widgets.kdp1.conf_file = xml/content/kdp_preview_dark.xml
widgets.kdp1.width = 400
widgets.kdp1.height = 333

Now run the deploy script:

php /opt/kaltura/app/deployment/uiconf/deploy_v2.php –ini=/opt/kaltura/web/flash/kmc/v4.2.14.9/config.ini

The deploy script adds a “deprecated” tag to the old players and creates new players with the “autodeploy” tag. The KMC then uses the new players.


Go to your Kaltura admin console and open the ui confs tab. On the version drop down you should be able to see the new version you installed. Select it.

You now have the latest version of the KDP!