The best and fastest way to Deploy Kaltura CE by Panda-OS

Kaltura CE is the best open-source solution for Online Video Management, however building a working Kaltura CE environment is not an easy task.
Here at Panda-OS we have combined our tools, vision, and knowledge of Kaltura in order to quickly deploy, migrate, or rebuild a Kaltura CE environment.

Let me elaborate a bit about the basics for deploying a new Kaltura CE environment.
The most important and common thing when installing new application – it doesn’t matter which – is that it will have an easy interactive installer.
Kaltura still doesn’t offer an intuitive solution even though they have an interactive installer.

As said above, Kaltura currently does not offer a pre-packaged zip file on their download page.
Kaltura do offer a packaging script on their github, with which you can create your own installer. However, this process requires a lot of technical knowledge and linux experience.


These are few questions that might pop up while trying to install Kalture CE

  • What should I download?
  • Where are the payers?
  • How many machines I need?
  • Kaltura CE – what does it mean??
  • And what the hell needs to be done in here!??!?
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Panda-OS have answers for all of these questions.


Panda-OS Solution Image

At Panda-OS we developed a tool which makes Kaltura CE looks simple, reliable and can be integrated with Third-parties without too much effort.

The tool gives the customer, with our consultant, the ability to control on how many servers will be created for every task that needs to be performed by the “Kaltura CE environment” such as:

1. How many Batch servers we should build.
2. What kind of Batch servers need to be deployed.
3. Deploy 1 DB server or Cluster DB for backups and degradation.
4. Load Balancer for enhancing performance.
* And many other considerations.

After contacting-us, we also assist in explaining the mechanism of Kaltura, how Kaltura will be integrated with your current site and what are the components that you’ll have in the Kaltura Environment.

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