Upgrading the kaltura HTML5 player

Upgrading the Kaltura HTML5 Player

This article is about Upgrading the Kaltura HTML5 Player.

HTML5 is a set of web standards being developed by the “Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group”.

The HTML5 standard includes many new features for more dynamic web applications and interfaces. One such component being specified and implemented is the Kaltura HTML5 Player.

Kaltura upgrades the html 5 player from time to time, fixing bugs and adding features. This post describes upgrading the kaltura html5 player to its latest version.

Getting the player code

The player’s code can be found at http://html5video.org/wiki/Getting_Started_with_Kaltura_HTML5. The current version is

Installing the player

On your kaltura server, open the zip file and copy the contents to /opt/kaltura/html5/html5lib/v1.7.0.4.

Copy the LocalSettings.KalturaPlatform.php to LocalSettings.php and edit it as follows:

Comment the kConf->get calls and insert your kaltura server url instead of ‘my-kaltura-site.com’ as shown in the following lines:

// Kaltura HTML5lib Version
$wgKalturaVersion = basename(getcwd()); // Gets the version by the folder name

// The default Kaltura service url:
$wgKalturaServiceUrl = $wgHTTPProtocol . '://' . 'my-kaltura-site.com'; //$kConf->get('cdn_api_host');
// Default Kaltura CDN url:
$wgKalturaCDNUrl = $wgHTTPProtocol. '://' . 'my-kaltura-site.com'; //$kConf->get('cdn_host');
// Default Stats URL
$wgKalturaStatsServiceUrl = $wgHTTPProtocol. '://' . 'my-kaltura-site.com'; //$kConf->get('stats_host');

// SSL host names
if( $wgHTTPProtocol == 'https' ){
 $wgKalturaServiceUrl = $wgHTTPProtocol . '://' . 'my-kaltura-site.com'; //$kConf->get('cdn_api_host_https');
 $wgKalturaCDNUrl = $wgHTTPProtocol. '://' . 'my-kaltura-site.com'; //$kConf->get('cdn_host_https');
 $wgKalturaStatsServiceUrl = $wgHTTPProtocol. '://' . 'my-kaltura-site.com'; //$kConf->get('stats_host_https');

Now edit the /opt/kaltura/app/alpha/config/kConf.php file and change the html5_version to ‘v1.7.0.4’:

                                "kdp3_wrapper_version" => 'v34.0',
                                "html5_version" => 'v1.7.0.4',
                                "clipapp_version" => 'v1.0.1',

Your HTML5 player is now at the latest version! We also wrote about upgrading the Kaltura Dynamic Player (KDP).

3 thoughts on “Upgrading the kaltura HTML5 player

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  2. i have tried that with Kaltura CE6 and HTML5-lib 2.0.3 and i always get the error “No source video was found”. it only works with HTML5-lib 1.7.x until 1.8.8. I also tested Versions 1.9.3, 1.9.6, 2.0.2 but this have the same problem “No source video was found”. I want to use the new libs because it is much more beautiful and users would have a better feeling. do u can help me? thanks for any hint…

    1. Hey Tim,

      We recommend updating to the latest CE version which is IX (9.6.0)
      This version already has the latest HTML5 2.0.2 version.

      If you still need help with upgrading on CE6, please let us know – you can contact us via skype (details at the footer of the site)


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