Wowza Live Stream with Kaltura CE5

This post will show you how to set up a Kaltura CE5 and Wowza Live Stream and webcam recording.

For this tutorial you will need:

  • A server running WowzaMediaServer.
  • A server running Kaltura CE5 Eagle.
  • Flash Media Live Encoder for testing.
  • A computer with a webcam.

Setting up webcam recording

  1. Log into your wowza server.
  2. Go to your Wowza home (usually /usr/local/WowzaMediaServer).
  3. Create a application/vod folder.
  4. Create a conf/vod/Application.xml file (Example file).
  5. Change the StorageDir in line 28 to your kaltura webcam dir. The default is /opt/kaltura/web/content/webcam.
  6. Go to the Kaltura admin console Ui Conf tab.
  7. Edit the ui conf named KCW webcam for KMC and change the serverUrl to <serverUrl>rtmp://<your wowza server ip>/vod</serverUrl> and save.
  8. Go to the partner configuration page and enter in the RTMP delivery url: rtmp://<your wowza server ip>/vod and save.
  9. Open the KMC and click upload -> record from webcam.
  10. Record and name a video.
  11. Watch your video in the KMC content tab.

Creating a live stream

  1. Go to your kaltura admin console test me console.
  2. Obtain and enter a KS.
  3. Select service liveStream
  4. Select action add
  5. Select sourceType MANUAL_LIVE_STREAM.
  6. Click Edit and set the following parameters:
    • liveStreamEntry:streamName: <enter any name>
    • liveStreamEntry:mediaType: LIVE_STREAM_FLASH
    • liveStreamEntry:primaryBroadcastingUrl: rtmp://<your wowza server ip>/live
    • liveStreamEntry:secondaryBroadcastingUrl: rtmp://<your wowza server ip>/live
    • liveStreamEntry:streamUrl: rtmp://<your wowza server ip>/live
    • liveStreamEntry:encodingIP1: <your wowza server ip>
    • liveStreamEntry:encodingIP2: <your wowza server ip>
  7. Now go to the KMC’s content tab and click preview & embed on the stream entry.
  8. Open the Flash Media Live Encoder, and enter the stream parameters:
    • FMS URL: rtmp://<your wowza server ip>/live
    • Stream: stream name as entered above.
    • Click Connect and then Start.
      Flash Media Live Encoder with stream parameters
    • You should see the recorded webcam in the player you opened in step 7:
      Wowza Live Stream Entry in Kaltura KMC

One thought on “Wowza Live Stream with Kaltura CE5

  1. Hi, I appreciate a lot the post, really useful!
    It works at first attempt! A live asset will be created and works fine but not at all.
    The live stream will be correctly played by the Kaltura CE 5 and 6 flash player but no way to see the live stream on mobile devices using html5 kaltura player. When html5 player is loaded the live stream is not starting. Do you know any workaround to let the live asset to be seen with html5 player on mobile devices using Wowza 3 source stream?
    Have you also a suggestion to use Wowza 3 server instead of Red5 also for generic RTMP streaming of kaltura assets?

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