Wowza Live Stream with Kaltura CE5

This post will show you how to set up a Kaltura CE5 and Wowza Live Stream and webcam recording.

For this tutorial you will need:

  • A server running WowzaMediaServer.
  • A server running Kaltura CE5 Eagle.
  • Flash Media Live Encoder for testing.
  • A computer with a webcam.

Setting up webcam recording

  1. Log into your wowza server.
  2. Go to your Wowza home (usually /usr/local/WowzaMediaServer).
  3. Create a application/vod folder.
  4. Create a conf/vod/Application.xml file (Example file).
  5. Change the StorageDir in line 28 to your kaltura webcam dir. The default is /opt/kaltura/web/content/webcam.
  6. Go to the Kaltura admin console Ui Conf tab.
  7. Edit the ui conf named KCW webcam for KMC and change the serverUrl to <serverUrl>rtmp://<your wowza server ip>/vod</serverUrl> and save.
  8. Go to the partner configuration page and enter in the RTMP delivery url: rtmp://<your wowza server ip>/vod and save.
  9. Open the KMC and click upload -> record from webcam.
  10. Record and name a video.
  11. Watch your video in the KMC content tab.

Creating a live stream

  1. Go to your kaltura admin console test me console.
  2. Obtain and enter a KS.
  3. Select service liveStream
  4. Select action add
  5. Select sourceType MANUAL_LIVE_STREAM.
  6. Click Edit and set the following parameters:
    • liveStreamEntry:streamName: <enter any name>
    • liveStreamEntry:mediaType: LIVE_STREAM_FLASH
    • liveStreamEntry:primaryBroadcastingUrl: rtmp://<your wowza server ip>/live
    • liveStreamEntry:secondaryBroadcastingUrl: rtmp://<your wowza server ip>/live
    • liveStreamEntry:streamUrl: rtmp://<your wowza server ip>/live
    • liveStreamEntry:encodingIP1: <your wowza server ip>
    • liveStreamEntry:encodingIP2: <your wowza server ip>
  7. Now go to the KMC’s content tab and click preview & embed on the stream entry.
  8. Open the Flash Media Live Encoder, and enter the stream parameters:
    • FMS URL: rtmp://<your wowza server ip>/live
    • Stream: stream name as entered above.
    • Click Connect and then Start.
      Flash Media Live Encoder with stream parameters
    • You should see the recorded webcam in the player you opened in step 7:
      Wowza Live Stream Entry in Kaltura KMC