Kaltura default partners and publishers

Kaltura default partners and publishers

Within this blog post I will explain the purpose of the Special Reserved Publishers/Partners in Kaltura, such as Publisher ‘0’, ‘99’, and ‘-2’, but first lets understand more about the terminology for Users, Partners, Roles & Permissions.



A user is an individual who logs in to a Kaltura account. A user typically accesses the Kaltura server, a Kaltura application or widget, or a Kaltura plugin.


A partner is an individual or organization with a Kaltura system account. A partner defines the roles and permissions that apply to its users.

  • Note: A user may be associated with multiple partner accounts.
Roles & Permissions

Applies to users in the Kaltura system. Enables granular settings for accessing a specific API and object property and defines a functional flow by grouping granular permission items.

Taken from http://knowledge.kaltura.com

Default System Partners

By default, the Kaltura system provides the following types of roles:

Partner (0)

This partner is the core partner of the system. Every new player or flavor that you create for this partner can be viewed by all other partners, meaning that Partner 0 is a global partner.

As mentioned above, you can only edit this partner through API calls and direct DB changes. For example: in order to upgrade the KMC – which uses the UI Confs belonging to partner 0 – you need to modify several files and re-deploy the UI Confs with the help of the deploy_v2 script. You can read more about the deploy_v2 in the following blog post.
Adding New KDP Versions to Kaltura CE5


  • UI Confs that are associated with Publisher 0 are applicable to all accounts in your platform.
Template Partner (99)

This partner is the “parent” Partner, the father of all new partners, as every new partner that is created within the system inherits its configuration from this template partner.

Every change that you make to Partner 0 will affect all of the partners in the system which use this partner’s global settings. In the case of Partner 99 making changes to this partner will only affect newly created accounts.

For example: if you add a new player for Partner 99, every new partner that will be created after this change will have the new player upon creation.

  • UI Conf objects that are associated with Publisher 99 are used as templates and cloned upon the creation of new accounts.

Admin Console Partner (-2)

This is the Super User partner which exists for security reasons, and it is used for API calls which require elevated permissions by the Admin Console application.

Batch Partner (-1)

This partner is similar to the Super User partner – much like the Admin Console partner, and it is used for all the batch jobs.

[warningbox]NOTE: Any change to existing UI Conf objects may negatively affect your platform’s UI functionality. It is therefore recommended to always duplicate (and not edit existing UI Confs), and keep a backup of the UI Conf object you wish to edit.[/warningbox]