Appcelerator Titanium – Mobile Platform Introduction

We love apps, but we don’t like to write the same code twice and maintain two different applications for iPhone and Android.
That’s where Titanium platform shines.

You get most of the benefits of native code and native apps like native UI controllers, great performance for almost every app and faster development time, code reuse and plenty of available plugins and tools under their marketplace and Github.

Titanium studio image

Titanium studio

Unlike PhoneGap or other “in app WebView” based platforms, Titanium actually builds a native project out of the JS code and then builds a native application for you.

Titanium also comes with a great reference app, The Kitchen Sink.

The Kitchen Sink, has tons of titanium API uses, complex screens, while using tables, views, buttons and pretty much any controller you will ever need for any case.

Titanium Studio, the IDE that you get with titanium, is pretty basic eclipse based IDE, that has everything you need to get started and create great apps.
It comes bundled with build and run to simulator, ability to build to your device and even package the code for production.

The biggest down fall of the framework was the use of JS only code to create views.
Old titanium apps, has to use only JS code to create and manage their views. This made debugging and understanding what is going on in the UI side quite hard for complex screens.
New titanium apps using Alloy framework can write a simple HTML like XML  to create their view, coupled with a  .TSS file for the styling and than the JS do perform the logic of the page.

Although Alloy is still missing some features, not optimal in performance it is well worth it as developing UI is much easier this way.

In the next couple of posts we will  go over the following subjects:

  1. How to install a Titanium module?
  2. Push Notifications using Titanium and Urban Airship
  3. Titanium Aviary photo editor integration
  4. Two way data binding using Titanium Alloy framework

If you have any question on Titanium and how to use it you can use Titanium forums or leave a comment below.