Working with AngularJS promises

AngularJS is a Javascript single page application framework which is developed and maintained by Google. The AngularJS Promise is an object that represents the result of an asynchronous action, regardless of whether that action is still pending.

The great thing about Javascript and single page applications is that they work in an asynchronous way, which means that DOM elements and page layout can be changed instantly on the client side. The problem with asynchronous behavior is that most of the information that is being displayed, is pulled from the server, and this information takes some time to arrive.
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Zend Framework Authentication

Zend Framework is an open source, object oriented web application framework implemented in PHP5.
Today Zend Framework is the most popular Framework for modern, high performing PHP applications.

Zend provides developers with a lot of infrastructure such as: Authentication, Access-List, Controllers, Modules, Plugins and many more, for the on going server tasks.
All of this infrastructure put together, makes the Zend Framework a highly versatile Framework.
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