AngularJS Services

AngularJS Services are lazily instantiated singleton objects that be can used everywhere in your application. You can inject your services into your controllers, directives, and filters by specifying the name of the service in the declaration of your function.
Within this series of posts, we will explore the usages and benefits of the AngularJS Service provider.

AngularJS Services are created by the Injector service. The Injector service is one of the five types of “AngularJS recipes”.
You can read more about AngularJS providers.

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Recently I’ve been trying to search for best practices while using AngularJS Services. I started reading technical posts, and while reading I wrote down some important remarks for every post I came across. After several days of reading and investigating, I wrote the “AngularJS Services Best Practices Guidelines.
The “AngularJS Services Best Practices Guidelines” post series is a “must read” for everyone learning to work with AngularJS. It is the ultimate guide for using AngularJS Services.

AngularJS Services Best Practices Guidelines