Video Mixing with Kaltura

Video Mixing in Kaltura is a very powerful and modular tool that allows you to combine multiple entries into one. You can also create a mix of clips from your entries. this comes very handy when you want to create a highlights video, or if you want to create a video that will be updated on a regular basis.

You can create your mix with a few simple steps:

Add a new mix to a client:

//create a new mix
$mixEntryId = $kalturaClient->mixing->add($newMixEntry);

Append media entries to your mix:

//append mediaEntries to mix
$kalturaClient->mixing->appendMediaEntry($mixEntryId, $firstMediaEntryId);
$kalturaClient->mixing->appendMediaEntry($mixEntryId, $secondMediaEntryId);

Now that we have created a new mix, and appended it some media entries, we can clip the media entries. we do so by changing the dataContent xml.

in the dataContent xml find the url. it should look like this:


Now add to the url information as follow:


Change these fields in the dataContent xml.

start_time="<your_start_time>" len_time="<your_len_time>"

And that’s it! you have created a Kaltura mix that shows clips from your entries.

The big advantage of creating a mix has is that you can modify your mix whenever you want- you can append, change start and end time, and remove media entries to update your current mix.