AngularJS Services – Application Business Logic

Application Business Logic – Intro

As your application gets bigger you’ll see that you have several controllers, and every one of them controls a different part of your application. The most common usage of controllers is to communicate between the view side and the data/logic side of the application. It is a common mistake to want to put all your logic in the controller. In general, writing your logic in the controller is not recommended since the controller is better used for merging the data and the view.
The AngularJS developers thought about this, and created the AngularJS services for this task.

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How to get the Kaltura Session (KS) string

Kaltura Session string (KS) is an authentication key and it is required in order to make requests to the Kaltura API. The KS is used to identify the account on which the action would be performed.

You will usually need to specify the KS for making requests to the Kaltura API, either via your code or when using the test console.
There are some requests that don’t require a KS, like Session->start action and other public or pre authentication actions.

You can always generate the Kaltura session (KS) via the API, as described here at the Kaltura help forum. But what if you need to get the KS instantly, without writing any code? For example, you are using the test console and trying to create an entry. You need to specify the KS, but where do you get it from?

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