Upgrade Kaltura Community Edition with PandaOS

Upgrading Kaltura is not a simple task, even less so when you wish to upgrade from Kaltura Eagle/Falcon to the latest 9.16 (IRIS). Here at PandaOS we have developed a set of tools to quickly migrate or upgrade your existing Kaltura CE Installation to the latest version available. In this blog post we will talk about how you can upgrade kaltura community addition.

Usually a Kaltura upgrade is a complex procedure with dozens of steps, various pitfalls, and many services to configure. Live production environments are extra sensitive, and must be handled with caution by a skilled professional team. We wish we were able to post a HOW-TO blog-post with the instructions and a step-by-step guide to follow. Unfortunately, in practice the entire process varies between each installation, and depends on the current Kaltura CE version and configuration.

Before you decide to upgrade Kaltura, make sure you have proper backups of your platform. If in doubt please contact us and we will be happy to assist.

Here is a simplified breakdown of the Kaltura CE upgrade procedure:

1. Database dump, and database modifications – Definitely the most crucial and time-consuming step at the upgrading procedure. The database must be modified to fit the platform version and its code.
2. Servers installation and configuration – Deploying Kaltura Clusters or All-In-One Kaltura server installation (RPM).
3. Integration with CDN and Remote storage.
4. Sphinx adjustments – Re-populate the database.
5. Rewrite the different configuration files – To match the previous installation configuration with the needed modifications.
6. Porting of all custom code and plugins.
7. Integration and final debugging for the complete and successful setup.
8. And perhaps the most difficult step: adapting your existing applications to the new Kaltura version.

Kaltura continuously improves its OVP Community Edition (CE) with new features:

1. RPM Based installation – much quicker upgrades, you can keep your system updated easily.
2. Live streaming, with support for latest industry standard protocols.
3. Out of the box integration into Wowza Streaming Engine(r)
4. Digital Right Management (DRM) support.
5. Additional Ingestion options.
6. Richer Players, and custom Flexibility.
7. All new HTML5 Player Studio
8. Entitlements support.
9. Improved Analytics
10. Support Localization/Multiple Languages
11. Monitoring tools and much more…

Upgrade your Kaltura CE to CE9.1x now and benefit from more features, extra stability, and more…