AngularJS Services – Fetching Server Data

Fetching Server Data – Intro

$http in AngularJS is the service that assists us with fetching data from remote http services.
The simple way for using it is when you need data in a controller, then issue the $http call and use the data. This way works 100%, but as always our application is getting bigger…
If you do not manage your services you’ll find yourself writing the same http call dozens of times. If you want to avoid this (and you do!), then you can use AngularJS Services.

There are several ways for solving this problem via AngularJS Services. In this post, I’ll describe 2 ways for solving the reuse of $http.
1. One service endpoint for managing the entire http calls in our application.
2. One service for every model you have in your application.
This mean that you have several services.

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Go Live From Your Mobile Device – Live Stream Mobile App

Finally it is here! Build your own Live Stream Mobile App and start to broadcast LIVE from your device.

Panda-OS released the first open-source library for native iOS integrated with the Kaltura Platform, and Wowza Streaming Engine. The library is now available on GitHub for free.

Using our “pandalive” library will allow your App to support:

1. Direct connectivity to your services provider.
2. Live Stream from your device.
3. Open a session (“GO LIVE”) and control your camera during the event.
4. With additional configuration and development you can integrate Ads.
5. Cross platform delivery using Wowza with HLS and HDS.

Panda OS is a software development company specializing in video applications and we have much more to offer. Visit our Mobile page to read more about our features and skills.

Setting Up Kaltura S3 Cloudfront CDN – CE 9 External Storage With CDN Delivery


Today I was asked by one of our clients to install a Kaltura cluster with Amazon S3 storage Cloudfront CDN. Kaltura S3 Cloudfront is a popular setup among our customers. For assistance, I used our old blogpost (posted about a year ago): SETTING UP KALTURA CE 5.0 AMAZON S3 STORAGE CLOUDFRONT CDN – EXTERNAL STORAGE WITH CDN DELIVERY which explains very well how to set up Kaltura CE Amazon S3 Storage and Cloudfront CDN. Although it was very helpful, I found a bit of a difference between Kaltura CE 5.0 and CE 9.X versions. I thought that an updated post regarding this issue would be a good idea.
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Panda OS and the Kaltura Connect 2014 experience

Our Kaltura Connect experience started by driving down from Boston to New York, while streaming our trip Live across the internet via the Panda Live streaming app on my iPhone. We arrived just in time for the hackathon presentation and got to show our solution for Live streaming from the iPhone. The solution is available for free on github.

We got to meet our clients, the guys behind Voicebase, Jay and Spencer, and witness first hand the amazing solutions developed by the participants of the hackathon on top of the Voicebase API. It was also a great opportunity to meet old friends and catch up with our former Kaltura colleagues.
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