Panda OS and the Kaltura Connect 2014 experience

Our Kaltura Connect experience started by driving down from Boston to New York, while streaming our trip Live across the internet via the Panda Live streaming app on my iPhone. We arrived just in time for the hackathon presentation and got to show our solution for Live streaming from the iPhone. The solution is available for free on github.

We got to meet our clients, the guys behind Voicebase, Jay and Spencer, and witness first hand the amazing solutions developed by the participants of the hackathon on top of the Voicebase API. It was also a great opportunity to meet old friends and catch up with our former Kaltura colleagues.

The following morning we headed down to the Essex hotel for the technical workshops day. I got to sit in on a few very interesting lectures, help out a few clients, and present our Live streaming solution for the iPhone as a speaker. I had a really great turnaround at the workshop, and a very successful demo and lecture. The feedback I got for my session was incredible, and I wish to thank everyone for attending and supporting us. We even strapped an iPhone to our friend’s Christopher Temme’s Air Drone and streamed live video from high above through our Live streaming application.

The two conference days at Jazz at Lincoln Center were an unforgettable experience. I got to witness first-hand the success of the Kaltura platform and the advantages that open source software provides. We sat in on several lectures, among them the inspiring opening Keynote by Ron Yekutiel. Another was by the wonderfully gifted folks from TVinci, we wish to congratulate them on joining the Kaltura family. Last but not least, the closing Keynote by the amazingly talented and internationally acclaimed filmmaker, Sundance festival winner Ondi Timoner. Ondi presented “A Total Disruption” – A collaboration between Ondi’s Interloper Films, Panda OS, Akamai, Kaltura, and Voicebase.

To conclude, Kaltura organized a top-of-the-line event in a very familiar and easygoing environment. It feels great to feel a part of the Kaltura family again, and to collaborate with so many on so much. We hope to see you all again very soon, and keep up the good work Kaltura! Special thanks goes out to Zohar Babin for organizing and inviting us, to Yehiam Shinder for supporting and taking care of us, and to Josh Hollinger for the V.I.P. Treatment.