Kaltura Upload Token

Kaltura Upload Token Using The BaseEntry Service

Uploading data via the Kaltura UploadToken Service is an efficient way to upload your files, entries or any other Data to Kaltura.

Recently I’ve been asked from one of our clients to implement a font without an access to his full source code files. I have encountered some issues throughout the uploading process, but I have eventually managed to do it.
The process isn’t as trivial as one might think. I have managed to narrow it down to a few simple steps, so if you ever want to implement such a process (because who wouldn’t right?) – Just follow my inferences…

The steps:

First, you need to make sure you have a KS; if you don’t know how to obtain a KS, please refer to this blog.

In the Kaltura developer console, choose the uploadToken Service.

Choose the Add Action, click the Edit button and fill up the Exact file name and size.

Kaltura UploadToken: KalturaUploadToken.

add action

Click Send and copy the ID.


After that Add action is complete select a new action: Upload and Insert the id  to the uploadTokenId filed.

Choose the file that you wish to upload; I uploaded the .eot fonts file.
Insert the value 1 to the Final-Chunk field.

Click Send and copy the TokenId and your KS.


Select a new service : baseEntry.

Choose the addFromUplodedFile action.

Choose the Kaltura data entry, or as you wish according to the data that you have uploaded.

Edit add a name to your file; the name will be assigned as the downloaded file’s name.

Choose the DATA type.

Click Send – If for some reason you have missed a step and you have already sent it, you will not be able to resend it again using the same Kaltura UploadToken id. You will need to repeat the process from the beginning and obtain a new token.


Now you can check if the upload is fully complete by copying the DownloadUrl to your favorite web browser to check if the file download starts as it should.


Please share any issues you have in the comments below, we’ll try and help as best we can.

Enjoy :)