One system to rule them all!! – Bamboo multi tenant video platform

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Introducing our new Bamboo video platform Multi Tenant System

The Bamboo video platform team has done an outstanding job in bringing one of the most popular customer-feature requests to life With our new Multi-Tenant system. IT organizations, businesses, universities and online communities can now enjoy the undeniable benefits that our  module Multi Tenant system can offer.

Large enterprises or education systems  might have different requirements for their media management and streaming. The Bamboo Multi-Tenant system provides each account the much needed flexibility  to customize your platform with one ‘Super-Admin’ that can manage a rich dashboard of users, assets, themes and more!

Bamboo – Strong, Light, Flexible.


As market demands are always evolving, it’s important to have a system that can react simultaneously and quickly  to any update or change. With the Bamboo multi-tenant system, each of your online properties can be treated separately without the fear of commingling. This has positive implications in terms of security, cost effectiveness and flexibility in managing your content and end-users.

Our system provides a fully intuitive User experience with a large range of out-of-the box themes and features, as well as white labeling and custom features made for specific needs on demand. The Bamboo-video-platform also includes live and on-demand content delivery online, sharing and collaborating in a profitable manner and all of this, while  keeping your content secure at all times.

All you need is your content, we  provide the rest!

to see it in action check out our demo site!