Ultimately, it’s all about the technology

I see it on a daily basis. Entrepreneurs that approach us with their vision to join the growing online video industry, have little idea what technology is really required.
Some – and I wish those were the majority – really invest their efforts and come-up with a firm plan how to develop their audience, which engagements tools to use, and how to monetize their content. Now it is time to take this vision into the real world.

”To build a large online video company. You have to have a large online tech company beside you.”

Unlike a textual blogging site – where open-source CMS’s like WP are quite sufficient – managing a video content site is a different story. It requires backend services for flawless content delivery and accessibility, a management system for users and content, and integrations to marketing tools in order to improve engagements, syndication and distribution. Unless you want to start a technology company, I’d suggest you to use a unified system that is built to power video content.

1. Smoothly stream the content to all devices.
2. Real time Monitoring for load and performance.
3. Fast responding frontend applications – using the latest technology has to offer.
4. Scaling capabilities
5. Transcoding capabilities for different formats
6. Workflows and design to meet your exact needs – the second that you bend your requirements to the technology, you will know you chose wrong.

Those who really intend to build a large online video business and stay focused on their content rather the technology – need the tech company that specializes in video solution to execute it, and support their product during its entire lifetime. The rest will probably spend their entire Capex by the time they will reach the same conclusion.

Try Bamboo OVP – the first unified solution built for your success.