Introducing Bamboo Stats – The full stats solution

Bamboo Stats

Another amazing product from the Bamboo family is our very own Bamboo Stats. 

“Bamboo Stats” allows you to accurately monitor your videos analytics, usage, and quality.

In addition, you can get subscriber stats, usage, and purchases. This provides customers with important analytics and insights to their Business, Videos, and Customers.

In the last year, “Bamboo Stats” has been expanded to support Sports Stats, powering the Israeli Football league and teams. Stats are gathered, aggregated and analyzed for players, teams, schedules, and standings. 

We also provide our own stats app, to log all events and stats needed for any event, game or sport.

So What makes us stand out?

    • Mature professional team – 20+ years in media, sports, OVP, and development
    • Mature Product – Working with Tier A – Sports and media clients
    • Fast Time to market
    • End-to-End Solution – Responsibility from Ingest to the End customer.
    • Flexibility and quick response time to changes – In-house Customization

Customer case study- Israeli Pro Football League  

The Israeli pro football league- IPFL is the body that coordinates the activities of the professional soccer leagues in Israel since August 2014, when it was established by the leading leagues in Israel (the Premier League and the National League) in cooperation with the Israel Football Association. In 2016 the IPFL contracted Panda OS to build its advanced new website- including stats, videos, news and now expanding into the TV services.

Panda O.S. delivered all parts of the project with impeccable quality and with a great time to market.

In this project, Panda O.S. displayed many of our qualities:

  1. Dynamically adapting to growing stats needs – from 10 stats to more than 40.
  2. Working in high traffic and near real-time (1-minute delays)
  3. Quick support – immediate during games.
  4. Robustness – Fixes to stats and adapting to 3rd parties issues, bugs and limitations.
  5. Custom API integration
  6. Hebrew, English and Arabic support –
  7. TV and stats app – A new solution to manage their statistics on real-time on Television.
    The new product, included integration with a 3rd party, withstanding a strict timeline and had a quick time to market.

We are very proud to say, that today, Bamboo supports real-time stats in the highest quality.

Contact us to get a free demo of our Stats apps and see how the Bamboo platform and power your digital products.

Panda OS at IBC 2018

Panda os is exhibiting at the ibc show in Amsterdam 

September is right around the corner and it always brings IBC with it.

IBC is the world’s most influential media, entertainment & technology show. Bringing together over 57,000 professionals from over 170 countries spanning the creation, management, and delivery of electronic media and entertainment.

This year we will be presenting at the Israeli Pavilion, located in Hall 3 booth B.56

Join us there to explore our new line of products the “Bamboo CMS”, and see how much our beloved Bamboo platform has grown and evolved. 

As video processes are becoming more streamlined and easy to use, we at Panda focus on the bigger picture.
Working with our publishers, we understood that things have shifted- the need for videos inside their content is now turning into a need for content inside their videos.

This what makes Bamboo stands out as a true end to end platform. We give our publishers limitless options, features, and capabilities, making the gap between content and video even smaller.

Read more on the new Bambo CMS

Come visit us at our booth to see the full demo, or schedule a meeting.

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Reduce your operational expense using SaaS

The online video industry has been spreading rapidly, with countless applications and innovative ideas where digital media is in use: Interactive video applications, social communities, e-learning systems, and media portals. Even though each video application has different business roles and workflows, what is common to all of them is the necessity for a reliable infrastructure that provides the capability to run and sustain those applications:

  • Flawless streaming capabilities.
  • Assets and users management.
  • Content delivery to all devices
  • 3rd party software integration.
  • And more…

When you first planned your application, whether or not you took into consideration some of the capabilities listed above, your natural instinct probably told you: “I must have an on-premise solution where I will have full control of my application, nothing too complicated”.

Do you still think this way?

Once your application was deployed, you probably found yourself – more frequently than you’d expect – struggling to maintain the servers, keeping the performance to meet the load and traffic, increasing server sizes (w/o really considering the cost) – Just to keep the application running, and “fighting fires” to meet the quick evolvement of all platforms your content is delivered on.
These efforts are money and time consuming, and most importantly drive your attention away from focusing on your actual content, audience, and marketing strategies.

As a result of this, throughout the past few years, more and more companies are considering moving to a Cloud based SaaS solution rather than buying and owning an entire on-premise system. This movement from on-premise to SaaS can be seen in CRM solutions, ERP systems, and is very significant in online multimedia systems – due to the complex and rapidly changing technology in this field.

Here are three main reasons why you should consider moving to a SaaS solution and switching to Bamboo OVP:

Cost:Time is money

When comparing the price of an on-premise solution vs. SaaS, you should consider the necessary support costs, additional hardware, monitoring, management tools, and more. In our SaaS model, all of these costs are included. Eventually, a SaaS is more cost-effective, less complex, and has less overhead.
Also, most companies that choose an on-premise solution don’t take into consideration that this is not-at-all a one-time expense. The annual cost of maintaining and running an on-premise infrastructure can get to as much as 4 times the initial cost of the on-premise solution.





Ecosystem of services and support:

It’s certainly not only the cost of the software and the servers. We perform regular maintenance, and infrastructure improvements to support you during the entire product lifetime. With a dedicated team for customer success and support we keep your content delivered and compatible on any OS and platform.






Add-ons and access to new innovative features:

As a SaaS provider we are motivated to ensure your ongoing success. Bamboo OVP is built on cutting-edge technology for responsive view-ability and accessibility. We constantly build new innovative features that are offered to all of our clients. With a quick new deployment process and great new features, your solution will keep evolving, and your application will stay at the frontline of technology. We dedicate all of our efforts to meet, and exceed your expectations.



Ultimately, the Bamboo SaaS solution will allow you to focus on your business, and will simplify all of your technology needs, while reducing your operational expense dramatically.

Feel free to visit the Bamboo Video website for more details!

Ultimately, it’s all about the technology

I see it on a daily basis. Entrepreneurs that approach us with their vision to join the growing online video industry, have little idea what technology is really required.
Some – and I wish those were the majority – really invest their efforts and come-up with a firm plan how to develop their audience, which engagements tools to use, and how to monetize their content. Now it is time to take this vision into the real world.
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One system to rule them all!! – Bamboo multi tenant video platform

Bamboo Logo

Introducing our new Bamboo video platform Multi Tenant System

The Bamboo video platform team has done an outstanding job in bringing one of the most popular customer-feature requests to life With our new Multi-Tenant system. IT organizations, businesses, universities and online communities can now enjoy the undeniable benefits that our  module Multi Tenant system can offer.

Large enterprises or education systems  might have different requirements for their media management and streaming. The Bamboo Multi-Tenant system provides each account the much needed flexibility  to customize your platform with one ‘Super-Admin’ that can manage a rich dashboard of users, assets, themes and more!

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