Working with Kaltura partner 0

Working with Kaltura partner 0

Working with Kaltura partner 0 is essential if you need to add a global entity to the Kaltura system. For example, if you would like to create and configure a player that can be used at all publishers in your Kaltura System, you need to add it to partner 0. This way, every one of your Kaltura publisher will be able to use the player. Of course you can replicate the same player for each publisher, but this will be a waste of your time and effort.
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One system to rule them all!! – Bamboo multi tenant video platform

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Introducing our new Bamboo video platform Multi Tenant System

The Bamboo video platform team has done an outstanding job in bringing one of the most popular customer-feature requests to life With our new Multi-Tenant system. IT organizations, businesses, universities and online communities can now enjoy the undeniable benefits that our  module Multi Tenant system can offer.

Large enterprises or education systems  might have different requirements for their media management and streaming. The Bamboo Multi-Tenant system provides each account the much needed flexibility  to customize your platform with one ‘Super-Admin’ that can manage a rich dashboard of users, assets, themes and more!

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Auto assigning a category to entries from a drop folder in Kaltura

Drop folders are a very convenient way of adding media to Kaltura. One of the drop folder features is to auto assign a category to entries from it. Recently, I’ve been asked by one of our clients to add this feature to his Kaltura drop folder configuration. Well, it wasn’t as easy as I thought.
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Bamboo Platform User Management Tutorial

Bamboo is a cutting-edge, user-friendly and feature-rich online video platform. Users of the platform can enjoy many out-of-the-box features, allowing them to access, manage and customize the content on their Bamboo website!

We are working on a series of video tutorials that will guide you through some of the many out-of-the-box features the Bamboo platform has to offer.
These tutorials will only scratch the surface of what you can do with out platform, but they will definitely help you start using it with ease.
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Creating Kaltura player plugin to control KDP events

KDP events are a great way to control your Kaltura player. you can listen to events, trigger actions, and get information about the player.
Lately I’ve been working on a web page where the user can edit a video in an efficient manner using hotkeys. I found a nice plugin that does some of the functionality that i needed, but not all of it. After some investigation I discovered that the best way for me to achieve my goal, was to create a Kaltura Player plugin to control KDP events. That way i could inject custom functionality to control the player.
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Kaltura KMC localization how to

The Kaltura KMC – Kaltura Management Console is the part of the Kaltura system that allows for content management.

In this blog post I will describe how to add support for your (or your customers) language to the Kaltura KMC.

The Kaltura supports localization natively.

The following languages are currently supported in the upstream version:

Korean translation is being worked on for one of our customers, right now we do not have a full translation available, if you require it contact us.

Localization of the Kaltura KMC starts with translation of the strings used by the KMC.
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How to Build and run the Flash portion of Kaltura KMC

Kaltura has a management console called KMC to manage content under a given publisher.
It contains a significant portion written in Flash and in order to make changes or debug issues with it, compilation is needed.
I have compiled it in order to add Korean localization support, required by one of our customers.

This has been done using Flash Builder 4.7 on Mac OS X.

Now we will start the Kaltura KMC build itself

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