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Unit testing Javascript with phantomjs, and jasmine

By Roni Cohen | Nov 3, 2012

JavaScript is a powerful scripting language that couples HTML markup and functional event-driven scripting, into rich and extremely versatile web applications. Unit testing JavaScript is a relatively new field, and in this article I will dive a little deeper into the tools I used in my recent JavaScript project: phantomjs […] Read More

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Setting up Kaltura CE with HTTPS

By Roni Cohen | Nov 1, 2012

For setting up Kaltura CE 9 with HTTPS and above follow the instructions on Kaltura Github For setting up a different Kaltura CE with HTTPS (CE4/5/6) you should follow the post below. With a secure web server, users can connect and upload data and videos to your server, knowing that […] Read More

Installing KalturaCE 5 on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

By Roni Cohen | Oct 12, 2012

Kaltura CE can be installted on Cent-OS and Ubunto, but different distributions cause different issues. IF you ever wanted to install Kaltura on Ubuntu 12.04, some issues might arise. Luckily for you we have done this several times and mapped the major issues, and how to bypass them. To install […] Read More

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Fixing Kaltura CE5

By Roni Cohen | Sep 27, 2012

Kaltura CE is a great product in a lousy suite, it offers some of the most advanced and high end features for a video platform, it’s free and open sourced. Back to our subject, the problem is with the suite, things like the installation script and installation process, the VMWare […] Read More

BBPress 2.0 Analytics Plugin

By Roni Cohen | Aug 28, 2012

As promised in this post, I was finally able to upload the BBPress Analytics plugin to WordPress plugin directory, BBPress Analytics plugin, all you have to do is copy it to the wp-content/plugins folder, see that BBPress plugin is enabled and enable the plugin.

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BBpress analytics adventures (WordPress)

By Roni Cohen | Aug 21, 2012

BBPress Analytics was developed in the last 2 months or so,  as i’ve been crunching, debugging and developing on top of BBPress 2.0 and it has been an amazing ride. To start with BBPress is a WordPress plugin, once installed takes your WordPress from a blogging management system to a robust forum […] Read More

Kaltura Falcon SaaS Version Released

By Roni Cohen | Aug 1, 2012

In some exciting news, Kaltura has just released her sixth edition Kaltura Falcon to their SaaS offering and now the count down for Kaltura CE 6.0 has started. The new version includes a new KMC look, which is much more trendy and is totally driven by search, the buttons layout […] Read More

Kaltura CE5 Analytics

By Roni Cohen | Jul 17, 2012

Kaltura CE5 is one of the best video management systems (VMS) and content management system (CMS) out there. To start off it’s an open source project meaning it’s free and you get a really extensive system with all the features needed for a rich content project. To find out more about it check Kaltura community […] Read More

Business and Pleasure

By Roni Cohen | Jun 30, 2012

Business and Pleasure, Pleasure and Business, should go together but rarely do. To most people Business is the opposite of Pleasure, they tend to think of it as a dry subject, filled with flattery and politics and never fun. Than there is Pleasure, which everybody loves and always gets you back […] Read More