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Working with AngularJS promises

By Roni Cohen | Mar 27, 2014

The AngularJS Promise is an object that represents the result of an asynchronous action, regardless of whether that action is still pending.

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Zend Framework Authentication

By Roni Cohen | Mar 24, 2014

Zend_Auth is very scalable and have many different authentication methods such as: Database table, Digset, HTTP, LDAP, and Open Id authentication.

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Working with Kaltura Custom Metadata Fields

By Roni Cohen | Feb 27, 2014

Custom Metadata is a feature of the Kaltura platform, which allows you to extend the metadata of Entries, Users, Categories, and more.
With Custom Metadata you can define custom fields for almost any object in Kaltura.
If you need to add some custom fields such as the director of a film, or the year it was released – you should use Custom Metadata.

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Drupal vs WordPress vs Joomla

By Roni Cohen | Feb 25, 2014

There are lot of CMS platforms where you can create your own website. After exploring the web in order to find an appropriate solution for a new upcoming project, I understood that there is not a clear winner and every CMS has its own pitfalls.

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Integrating and loading AngularJS WordPress

By Roni Cohen | Jan 27, 2014

Within this blog post I’ll describe how to integrate AngularJS WordPress on specific pages. AngularJS is single app framework which can enhance the look and feel of your WordPress site.

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jQuery – Nice to Meet

By Roni Cohen | Jan 21, 2014

jQuery is an awesome Javascript library that has changed many developers’ “way of thinking” and usage in todays world.
jQuery is fast, reliable, and makes HTML DOM elements traversable and easy for manipulation.

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Appcelerator Titanium – Mobile Platform Introduction

By Roni Cohen | Dec 25, 2013

We love apps, but we don’t like to write the same code twice and maintain two different applications for iPhone and Android.
That’s where Titanium platform shines.

You get most of the benefits of native code and native apps like native UI controllers, great performance for almost every app and faster development time, code reuse and plenty of available plugins and tools under their marketplace and Github.

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Merry Christmas from PandaOS

By Roni Cohen | Dec 23, 2013

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy, Prosperous, New 2014 Year. In order to help you get a dose of the Christmas Spirit, and get you into the festive mood – We at PandaOS, designed a video Gallery for you to Enjoy.

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Drupal Enhancements – Sell Content

By Roni Cohen | Nov 28, 2013

Within this blog post I’ll show a quick and easy way for adding new “api action” for bulk upload.
This tutorial applicable for every “gate” you want to create between your site and the out world.

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