Drupal Enhancements – Sell Content

Many of you out there probably tried to create custom actions for your Drupal site.
The reason behind that, was probably because you want to enhance your Drupal functionality so it will fit your new module requirements.

Within this blog post I’ll show a quick and easy way for adding new “api action” for your module to sale content.
This tutorial applicable for any “API” you want to create between your site and the world outside.

This tutorial includes:
1. Handling files on remote ftp.
2. Processing the content.
3. Sending approval email.
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Fixing Drupal Commons admin menu

We are using Drupal commons-3.3 for a project. The commons project by Acquia provides a distribution of Drupal with many social features out of the box, as well as a responsive, mobile ready theme based on Adaptive Theme. This is the latest version of the commons project and includes many functionality such as groups, user profiles and events.
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