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Bamboo Live Streaming

"Bamboo Live!" is a robust cloud-based live streaming system, providing Live Streaming, Linear EPG, and Dynamic Broadcasting Capabilities.

Bamboo Live! includes Server Side Ad-Stitching, Schedule Programming, Mobile SDK, and Live Transcoding.

With Bamboo Live! you can launch a Live Streaming service quickly and easily. Bamboo Live! integrates into your existing site, or into your Bamboo portal and OTT applications. 

Our team of Video experts are at your disposal to customize and tailor-fit the solution to your exact needs.

Linear Channels

"Bamboo Live!" includes Linear Live scheduling for your VOD content.

Schedule your pre-recorded and already existing content based on a schedule programming grid, and broadcast it as if it was a Live channel.

Bamboo Live! includes Server Side Ad-Stitching, allowing you to monetize your channels on any device (PC, Mobile, TV, etc...)

With Bamboo EPG you can create Live channels, and schedule programming using a slick drag-and-drop interface.

Syndicate your Live Channel to the Web, OTT, and even Broadcast it to traditional Analog infrastructure, or Cable TV.

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Cross Platform Video Distribution

Deliver Video and Monetize - across all Mobile and Desktop devices

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Bamboo Live!

"Bamboo live" is a complete Live Video solution for broadcasters and content providers.

"Bamboo Live" includes Live Channel Management, Content Management, Dynamic Ad Stitching, and EPG Scheduling.

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Bamboo includes "Bamboo Mobile" - a fully featured Mobile Suite for iOS, Android, Smart TVs, Apple TV, Roku, and more...

The "Bamboo Video Platform" can be easily extended and customized based on your personal preferences.

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